Who Really Am I? (INFJ)

Sometimes you feel so lonely. You feel like there is not a single creature (okay, except your dog) that can understand you. And then there comes a time when even the dog doesn’t have a damn clue what the fuck are you trying to say. I felt like this many, many times during my life. But as cheesy as it sounds, one day I have found out that I am not the only one. There is a lot more people out there, floating around in the universe with me, feeling exactly the same. Or better said, being exactly the same.

I was “diagnosed” (yes, it can be quite extreme) being an INFJ. It is one of the 16 personality types according to Myers-Briggs test that you can fill outย here. I standing for Introversion, N for Intuition, F for Feeling and J for Judging. When I read the results, I was seriously in shock. I felt like many things I did in my life finally made some sense, even though I never thought about them being right or a “normal” thing.

My perfectionism, being a bit too goal-oriented, loving creativity and being very independent but still adoring to be around people that I like. I must tell you, INFJs are really weird people. We are the rarest personality type on this planet (who knows, maybe the extraterrestrials are too), only 1-3% of people fall under this category.

As much as I am proud of being an INFJ, I must say that sometimes it can get quite exhausting. Being very sensitive and emphatic, I can feel the energy of other people penetrating my skin and becoming mine. Sometimes I can’t even understand my own feelings, as they can get very complex. As my boyfriend said when he met me, I am a mystery.

I can’t advise you enough to make the test yourself. Just make it as many times as you feel like. When it comes to me I have always been an INFJ no matter how many times I made the test spread throughout the years. It will really give you a deeperย understanding of yourself and you can meet the same type of people like you! There is a plenty of groups on Facebook that you can join and make friends that will (finally) understand you, haha.

Also, when I know a person’s type, I can understand them better. There are some types that don’t resonate with each other that much, so maybe that one annoying friend that you never knew why is so annoying just might be a type that you simply can’t click with. And when you learn about it a bit more, you can even try to guess what types are people around you. Sometimes I do this “game” with my boyfriend, when we try to guess what types are people we both know.

Go ahead and make the test and don’t forget to let me know what type you got! (now I feel like this is a sponsored post, but meh, I can just wish) Talk to you soon. โค

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