Discovering Wicca

Hey kind souls. What are you up to? Let me know down in the comments, I would be really excited to hear from you! When it comes to me, I’ve been working a lot lately, meh. But actually, I am not that mad about it to be honest as I am getting resources in return, that I will invest into my project, another stardust, in the near future.

I have also been getting a lot of new knowledge about different topics, which is what I am going to write about in this article. One of them is for example witchcraft. It may sound crazy, but I think it is very nice to kind of “listen to everything, believe nothing”. Simply to be open-minded. I like to get to know various philosophies, religions or you could say conspiracies. But what I always make sure to do is to go into a lot of research before I make my own opinions. That is basically what I do in all aspects in my life. Staying true to myself and not jumping into conclusions if I don’t have enough information about a subject. And of course, it can always change. Change is a vital part of life.

So, when it comes to the witchcraft, I have stumbled upon something called “wicca” – which if you never heard about, it is basically a religion. As I understood, there is a difference between a witch and a wicca (person), in a sense that wiccans are guided by the religion, they have rules and there is a God and a Goddess. It is really interesting for me, as one of their core principles is to harm none, which is something I highly agree with. They always think about nature and are very connected to it and use the power of nature to basically “heal the world”. They are putting positive energy out in the world and yes, they use potions and spells and wands and crystals…

I have actually never realised that I am a bit connected to the witchcraft in a way that I also use crystals and tarot cards, I love essential oils and incense which is a part of nature as well. I am brining a lot of nature into my apartments in a form of plants and twigs (yes, that actually is my new obsession, weird I know), especially my room which is kind of my sacred space. I have also built my own altar which I never thought about it this way, but it contains everything that I basically use when I meditate, pray to the universe or when I am doing my tarot readings. It also contains all my books which are a huge part of my life journey when it comes to learning. I am in no way calling myself a witch or a wicca but I think it is really something I will put a LOT of energy when it comes to research from now on.

When I get more interesting knowledge, I will definitely share it with all of you, stardusts. That is it for now. Just a little piece of my new discovery. Hope you are all doing well. Talk to you soon. ❤

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