Trip, Getting Sick & Going Home

I took quite unexpected time off writing and filming videos. The last time I did something concerning “another stardust”, I think I was still back in Aarhus on a short weekend trip. Let’s see what happened since then…

Okay. So, the weekend getaway was really nice and refreshing, but guess what. I got sick… While strolling through the night streets, my winter jacket was probably still not enough and I started freezing. When we came back to our airbnb, I felt terrible. We were leaving the next day – on Sunday – which I basically spent feeling even worse. When we got back home, I definitely knew I’m not alright.

The next week I had last couple days of my internship. I even had to leave a bit earlier from there, as I felt like I’m gonna pass out or something not very exciting is gonna happen. I also decided to take off a day at my normal work (restaurant), as I knew I am probably not gonna be able to handle it at the moment.

The week was gone and I was looking forward to go visit my home country on Wednesday. I had couple of appointments I planned and I also just wanted to relax a bit with my family and pets. I got a ride home a day sooner than I thought, so around Wednesday lunch time I was already up and ready to conquer the week I had at home.

My dreadlocks appointment that I was soooo fricking excited for got unfortunately cancelled… Actually, not even once, but TWICE! Aaargh. I think I’m gonna talk about it a bit more in another article. I also had a dentist appointment, that went a bit better than I originally expected. Well… My tooth basically died, so I guess it’s pretty bad, but there was no pain… but I guess no gain either.

I spent a lot of time with my family, my dog and rabbit, eating out, shopping, meeting friends… a basic stuff you do when you study abroad and then go visit at home. I thought I would film some videos and write too, but I just somehow didn’t get to it. To sum it up, my vacation was nice, but on the other hand, there was absolutely no work getting done.

I guess I should also say, that the whole time I was at home, I was still sick. I was constantly doing something, as I didn’t want to waste my time by just laying in bed. Therefore I wasn’t getting better…

Guess where I went right after I came to Denmark around 10 p.m.? My work wohoo! Okay, maybe it sounds a bit more crazy than it actually was haha. I just went there for couple of hours to help my boy and of course to finally see him! We were done around 1 a.m. and went home.

This was followed by my boyfriend’s parents silver wedding party that took place in Southern Denmark, taking care of his and his parents boat, going back to central Denmark and working. Now I’m here, FINALLY writing something (<3) and going to work in about 2 hours. I am off tomorrow, so I will definitely film a new video on my Youtube channel!

Love you stardusts, stay calm. ❤ 

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