The Most Loved/Hated Book

Books. Books. Books. 

That’s pretty much all I’ve been thinking about lately haha. As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, I just started reading like crazy! So many books read in such a short time. Just amazing way of using my precious time on this Earth.

I’ve been trying to focus on books that are in some ways improving me, so I stayed out of a regular fiction. Sooo… I’ve just finished a well-known bestseller by Robert Kiyosaki called “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. This book has so much love, but oh well, so much hate too! I’ve actually never seen a book more loved/hated at the same time. I guess, the main reason is its controversiality. Close-minded people would definitely not like this piece.

When I was on a seminar held by a Czech businessman called Ivo Toman few years back, he was mocking this book so much, that it started to be funny. He basically didn’t believe in any alternative woo-woo stuff. Even though “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is not a spirit talk at all, it is still something “different”. Robert is teaching you 7 lessons about money, how to be rich and how to start living a life that goes out of the 9-5 stereotype. If people don’t accept this possibility – possibility of getting out of rat race (working everyday for someone just to pay off bills and debts) as he calls it, then all I can say is – good luck.

I really enjoyed reading it. To be honest, I knew about 70% of the information already, as my boyfriend is very interested in economics, investing and similar topics. But it was really nice to deepen the knowledge and see how other people “do it”. If you can, just try to grab a copy and apply some of the information in your life if you like. Since 2006, it is a period of time where knowledge is valued the most out of everything. And that is gonna be like that until 2026! The best advice I can give you right now, is just to read, watch, listen and don’t forget to share. I will be more than happy to help you on your journey. Talk to you soon. ❤

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