I am Myself

The time you start working on yourself, people start to think something is wrong with you.

When I first made my blog couple of years ago? I was weird. 

When I started my Youtube channel? I was naive, awkward and stupid. 

When I started attending seminars? I was part of a cult. 

People will always find something wrong with you, especially if you start doing something that they don’t understand. If they don’t see money in your hands right away, you are just wasting your time while looking stupid. I mean, why would you write articles or film videos if you don’t earn anything from it? That is such a waste of time, isn’t it?! 

Many people consider me as crazy, I know that. The reason? Well, there is couple of them.

I am spiritual. What I mean when I say I am spiritual is, that I work on myself – with myself, I try to be conscious and kind. Yes, I also meditate, work with crystals, tarot cards and practice yoga. But I don’t do it, because I think I’m such a “hipster”, I do it because I know it helps me. It makes me happy and I feel so much better when I do it. My soul is grateful everytime I invest into doing one of those activities.

I am a vegan. But I’m not a vegan because I want to throw it to everyone’s face or because it’s trendy. I am living this lifestyle, because I feel that it’s not just the best for myself, but also for the environment surrounding me. I am 100% sure about this, but I would never attack anyone with my opinions. I believe, that if you don’t make changes in your life because you feel like doing it, than it doesn’t make any sense. You would go back to your old ways sooner or later (as you can see on many people who became vegan as it is “soooo cool and Instagram friendly” and then you see them stuffing their faces with meat after 2 months). If you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it. If you’re not there, you’re not there. It’s as simple as that.

I am developing myself. How? I read books. And when I say books, I don’t mean just stories, but books about healing, nutrition, emotions, self-development etc. I find it so interesting to get a new knowledge, to learn how can I become better at this weird thing – called life. I watch videos. Videos about energy, human brain, NLP, hypnosis, astrology etc. Why? Because I love these topics, I want to know more about universe, about myself.

I would prefer to go dance in the forest than dance at a club. I would talk with myself in the mirror, tell my plants that I love them and thank the universe for having me.

You can call me crazy. 

But I’m myself. And I love absolutely EVERYTHING about it. I am not ashamed. I am happy and that is all that matters. I just want to give you one advice. Try to stay peaceful stardusts. Don’t do anything that you consider as harming yourself or others. Don’t judge. Don’t let your ego speak for you. 

See you very soon. ❤

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