Let’s Build A Community

Hey stardusts! I hope you are having a great time. If not, just focus on your breath for 2 minutes and then come back. ❤

Alright, now that you are all relaxed and at peace, I would like to “tell” you about my idea of building a community. If you haven’t watched my last video on Youtube, then you probably don’t know about it! But you should, as I believe that it can help you tremendously.

So, what community am I talking about? Well, few years ago I attended a seminar about personal development. Mark, a motivational coach, was talking a bit about law of attraction as well. He mentioned, that if you share your dreams and goals, other people help you to build them. By putting it out, you will also feel more responsibility, it will feel more real, so you take it more seriously. You don’t want to disappoint others, as well as you don’t want to disappoint yourself!

Thus, I decided to build this community of people, that will help each other to fulfil their visions and live their dreams. All you have to do is share your visions and connect with others so you can understand their visions as well.

It may sound for you as too much, revealing something that you feel like could be stolen from you or just not feel comfortable describing your dreams. But trust me, the more people know, the more power it has. You can share as much or as little as you want. The only thing I advise is, that the more detailed it is, the more sense it makes for the universe. You can of course keep the details for yourself but don’t forget to write them down.

I hope you will become a part of this community, that I would like to call stardusts (see description of my idea behind the “another stardust”). I truly believe that it has a lot of power and can’t harm you in any way, only help you. I’m gonna be extremely grateful.

How to become a part: 

  • connect on my Youtube channel, Instagram and website
  • write a comment or send DM on Instagram with your visions

I will write down your visions and create pictures on THIS Instagram, where we can all read each others goals and start attracting them to our life.

UPDATE: After more thinking, I decided to make this Instagram private! No one except members of this community can read your visions (applies when you send a DM).

Thank you again for joining this community! I’m gonna talk to you soon, be well. ❤


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