Reflect, Feel, Relax

Hola stardusts! A bit quiet here lately isn’t it? But there is a reason! I’ve been filming so much content for you on my Youtube channel, you should definitely check it out by clicking here. Currently in love with filming videos, hope you can show it some love too. ❤

But… I really hope you are having an amazing time. I’m feeling very productive, everyday trying to do as much as I can to follow my goals – filming videos, writing, reading a lot of books (I haven’t went through so many books like this in ages!) but still focusing on my physical and mental health. It feels so great. If you are having any doubts in yourself, definitely try to invest time into working out, eating healthy (vegan diet is known to cure diseases and illnesses), doing something you like and the most important – don’t forget to take time to regenerate.

I must tell you one thing. After I finished my high school, I felt like shit… 8 years of constant stress, not being able to relax even on the weekends has brought me to a state of a huge confusion and sadness which then took a toll on my physical health too. I started to pass out and felt like I’m loosing the control over my body. I was really weak and desperate. I couldn’t believe, that something like that happened to me, as I simply didn’t expect it! During my high school years, I was all the time in a rush. I didn’t have time to reflect, or better said – I wasn’t thinking about it. I was living day by day, studying all the time, had bad eating habits and after I ended my education I started…

…I started to FEEL. But what I felt WAS NOT very pleasant.

After few months, I started to recover very very slowly. I started to conquer my self-destructive behaviour that I built over the years and now I feel much better. I have a vision of what I want to achieve, I started to build my dreams into my reality. But I can’t forget one thing – rest. Without rest, I can fall into the black gloomy hole again very easily. And we don’t want that am I right? This applies to every single one of you.

So please, take time each day and reflect, even if it’s just for a few minutes and feel, how you really feel. Because one day when you stop rushing, it will all hit you at the same time and from my own experience I must tell you, it is not gonna be a nice experience. Take care, I will be back soon! ❤

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