Life Update – 8/2017

Hey stardusts! Hope you are all doing great. I’ve been quite inactive on all my social medias including my website, as you can probably tell. But I’ve been so busy!

You’re probably asking, what was I doing then? Well, except spending days at my internship and work, I’ve started investing the rest of my time into educating myself in many different topics that I was always interested in or I felt like I want to know more about. I started putting a lot more time into myself, doing things that benefit me and help me heal my blockages and my health issues.

I gained A LOT of information that I can’t wait to share with you! From aromatherapy, tarot readings, meditation, hypnosis, to using crystals, frequencies and sound… There is so much that I don’t even know where to begin haha!

Another exciting thing is, that I am planning to start filming videos again, which you can expect VERY soon. The reason behind this, is that I feel like I can share the knowledge a lot faster and I guess it would make it more clear too. I’m still gonna write though, no worry about that.

This was just a very quick little update, as I’m really deep in the process of receiving and when I feel it’s a right time to release, you will have loads of content. See you soon. ❤

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