They Can’t, You Can

No one is here to save you. The only person who can save you is yourself. At the end of the day, you are the only person that you own and you are the only person that can change what’s inside your mind. You can’t force anyone to stay with you, to be friends with you, to help you – except you. Yes, people CAN help you, but they CAN’T save you. It’s not possible.

Imagine therapists. What do therapists do? They talk with you, they might use some NLP techniques or power of hypnosis. But they can’t change what’s in your mind. They can just help you, so YOU can change it.

And that’s the point of the whole life. We have to learn how to live independently. To live without needing help from others 24/7. To be both our biggest fan and biggest critic. To understand that we are the masters of our own mind and no one else can change what we think or how we feel.

A lot of times, people tend to say things like: “Thank you for ruining my mood!” or “Awesome, you made me sad…” or “I’m angry and it’s all because of you!”. But that is so…

…so false. The only reason why you get angry or sad, is because you make yourself angry or sad. People can’t play with your mind like that. Of course, they can do something that you are not very positive about, but you can still detach yourself from feeling sad or angry about it. It takes a lot of discipline to achieve that kind of stage, but it is possible.

I definitely find myself in the position of someone’s “victim” sometimes too. But I am aware, that I can change it and that’s what I’m doing more and more. I am trying to better myself the same as you can do it too. No matter where you are at this point in your life, you can start RIGHT NOW from this very moment applying the knowledge I just gave you. I believe that you might already knew all the information I gave you, but maybe you are just not realising the power of yourself yet. And it is about realising. The most important part is realising this truth, this “power of you” when it needs to be applied.

Just remember this article the next time you will want to get upset or angry just because of other people’s actions. Remember they can’t play with your mind. You and only you are controlling how you feel and how you want to feel.

Talk to you soon stardusts. ❤

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