It’s All About The Habit

I just finished an intense hypnosis.

And boyyy… I must say it was CRAZY! Truly a life-changing experience. If you allow yourself to drift away, the feeling when you “wake up” is indescribable. It has always been very difficult for me to just relax and focus on something – whether it would be a meditation, hypnosis or even a yoga!

But as many people say, believe it or not – it’s about the habit. And that’s what this article is going to be about. If you try more and more, your body and your mind WILL loosen up and allow you to connect to the source you’re trying to reach. I must agree with this as I am one of those people whose mind just doesn’t want to be still for even a second. The most random thoughts just swirl across my mind when all I would wish for is nothing more than a simple silence. But as I mentioned before, it is possible to change this.

Let’s have an example. Brushing your teeth. At one point in your life you also had to learn how to do it and also that you should do it everyday. And you DID START doing it (hopefully). Your parents probably taught you in the first place. They had to give you a small reminder everyday to go and brush your teeth. And from nowhere you just started doing it and not even thinking about it. Now, when you walk into the bathroom in the morning, you just take a toothbrush and start brushing. No big deal. It became a habit. The same before you go to bed, or whatever time you choose to do it.

You can achieve the same with ANYTHING you would wish to start doing. Just apply this method of reminding yourself, as it would be a reminder on your phone or just a good old sticky note. And when you start doing it, you will become better and better. Like me and my today’s hypnosis – I could do it without being distracted too much, as I did it multiple times before. And I know it will just get better.

Talk to you soon stardusts. ❤

P.S.: Let me know what activity would you love to become a habit for you.


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