Go Big or Go Home

As some of you may know, I am currently studying at a university in Denmark. One part of the study is to take an internship for couple of months when finishing a certain degree. Right now, I am finishing my AP degree and therefore I had to find a place, where I will have an internship. And happily – I found it and I’m starting on Monday!

But – there is a story to it all.

When I started looking for a place, I was thinking that it’s going to be an exhausting hassle and I just wanted to take the first option that came to me. I was going through these really random offers and sending applications. Most of them were posted by these companies I had absolutely no interest in.

I got some replies back and I chose one place. It was this company that was building some kind of a robot to help with building or something of that sort. I went for an interview, signed a contract and was satisfied that I had something.

But after some time, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Something about it just wasn’t feeling right. I started asking myself questions like: “Would it make me happy to go there everyday for months?” or better said “Will I even be able to go there for months?”

I figured out that I should probably DO SOMETHING, as my answer to those questions was pointing more to “no” than “yes”. I decided to ask, if I could still change it at my university and when they told me I could do it, I started hoping that I will find something that would suit me better. I spent some time just considering all the possible options and I got an idea.

What if I would take my internship at a very creative and most often a non-judgmental place – a TATTOO STUDIO? I could totally imagine myself there! I immediately opened my MacBook and sent applications to some tattoo studios I liked. And I got an answer… I went for an interview and I got it. I had my internship and didn’t even think once of changing it again.

But why am I even telling you all this? Well, I know it’s gonna be a bit cheesy, but… maybe try asking yourself: “Am I really doing something I enjoy?”. Just think about this question for a little. Because that’s what I did and it completely changed the way of how would I live for couple of months and also give me completely different life experience.

Talk to you soon stardusts.

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