Dazed And Confused

Long time, no see. A lot of changes and things in my life that I had to take care of.

Sometimes I wish I could just write about everything I am going through at the moment. I wish it would be so easy.

Imagine how would your life look like, if you could just share everything with everyone around you. Being open about all your thoughts, emotions or experiences. How would it feel?

Would you feel “free”? Or would it bother you that there is no mystery about you? Would you feel scared to reveal so much?

I honestly don’t know the answer when it comes to me. One of the most common traits of my personality type is being very private. I like to keep a lot of thoughts just for myself and sometimes I can share some of them with my closest friends. But still, I am writing on this website, writing this article… So, what’s up with that?

Also, as I was thinking in the beginning – it’s not just about thoughts. It’s also about the moments. The experiences you go through. How much of those would you share?

To be honest there is so much I COULD write about from my life. But where is the courage? I can’t find it. Not yet. I would like to just say everything that is on my heart each day right here. But something is stopping me. And I don’t know if it’s for the good or bad.

We’ll see. Bye for now stardusts. ❤


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