Ego-Free Romantic Relationship

Let’s just start this by saying, that I was always very interested in art. Everything about art fascinated me since I was a small child. But the thing is, I was never this kid who would be drawing all day or listening to music 24/7. I had this weird respect for it. So if I would listen to music, I would enjoy it in a bit different way than probably most people would do.

And the same thing happened when I met my boyfriend. He was this piece of art. I’ve never met anyone like that in my life. Again, it’s really cliché to say this, but he truly was (and still is) a very very unique person. So weird but still so beautiful. The same as I would consider my taste in art.

He brought both so much peace and so much chaos to my life. On one hand, I never felt more relaxed and happy in my life. On the other hand, he was so mysterious, that sometimes it was driving me crazy. Guess it’s also connected to our personality types (you can check out the personality types and do the test on I as an INFJ, need to know the answers. I need to see the solutions to the problems. I need to know the final result. But he as an INFP, likes to leave it open. He likes to leave things without an ending. And that was one of the things that was making us so different, but still kept me interested in him, because it would be so different from my point.

I still don’t know how I would explain this love between me and him. I never felt like that towards anyone and it’s very confusing but very beautiful (reminds me of the song from Mod Sun – Beautiful Problem). He is this piece of art, that I adore from a little bit of a distance. I know we can never be this “melted two people into one person” thing. And that is okay, because I don’t want that. I want to keep being myself, while he keeps being himself. I want to see him grow as a person while I support him.

That is what love means for me. And I am really grateful that I’ve found this kind of love. Not the evil one, with a lot of ego, possession and requirements. But the pure one. No obligations, no hate involved whatsoever.

Love you stardusts, talk to you soon. ❤



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