Ending a Relationship

I broke up with my boyfriend.

…and found someone I truly love.

You can’t imagine, how confused I felt like during all these crazy-beautiful times. I was in the same relationship for almost 5 years.

But February 2016 came with all its “glory” and things started shifting. I met a lot of new people, lot of interesting people. But one boy was maybe a bit too interesting for me. Many people until now think, that this boy was the reason why I broke up with my nowadays ex-boyfriend. And the thing is, that it’s not exactly true. But, I must admit, that he was the eye-opener even though it wasn’t his intention.

I was thinking about ending my relationship for a quite long time. I knew it wasn’t a right place for me to be in. I didn’t feel free and the other person felt like it wouldn’t lead to a good end.

After all those years while I was in a relationship, I forgot how the freedom tastes like. I felt like I am tied down and I can’t make my own decisions. The truth was that I could, but I was too scared. But when I met my current boyfriend, I saw it in his eyes. It sounds really cheesy but… I saw the freedom he was living in. He was such a peaceful spirit with so much knowledge, I almost couldn’t understand how is that possible. To know so much, but still keep it chill. Maybe some of you don’t get what I am talking about right now, but you probably will if you are going to follow me on my upcoming journey.

I understood that the way I lived wasn’t the way I wanted to live and ended my relationship. It was over. And I must say, that I never felt happier. As bad as it sounds it’s true. I came to myself back again. I am one whole being just going through this life on my own. With my love who is doing the same.

Love you stardusts, talk to you soon. And don’t be scared to make a change in your life. Just do what your heart tells you. It is worth it. I promise. ❤

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