Leaving People Behind

The month of February 2016 was the absolute craziest month of my whole entire life. If I could relive this month, I would definitely do it. Not because it was the most amazing time, but I just felt so different… I felt so alive. After a long time of living in a stereotype, suddenly, there was so much action going on. A lot of new things coming into my life meanwhile old things (including people) were being left behind.

So, this story is about me meeting someone, who I had to leave behind a few months later.

We met in the end of January – she came on the same day as my dog died. We shared a lot of same opinions and simply enjoyed being together. We were both interested in spirituality and at that time I was a vegetarian and she was vegan, which helped me to transition into veganism too. We were together almost every day, we had a lot of fun and we could talk about things on a very deep level. To be honest, I was really excited, because a while back before we met, I wrote a list, where I described a type of people I would like to meet. I didn’t have a lot of friends, by that time I actually felt very lonely and separated from all the people I knew. So when someone like that came into my life, I couldn’t even believe it and I was truly amazed and grateful. By setting the intention, I received what I asked for… or… that is what I thought.

But you know that stage, when you become so close with someone, that they finally start revealing their real personality. And in this case, I wasn’t very happy with the “result”. All this positivity that the person was showing the outside world was just a cover for all this negativity that was stored deep inside. I was willing to help, but you simply can’t help a person, who doesn’t want your help.

Right when I started believing in this friendship, it just all fell apart. I was thinking that I was alright, but the truth is, that sometimes a failed friendship is even worse than a failed relationship. And in this case it hit me quite hard.

As I believe in “everything happens for a reason”, I just had to deal with it even though I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was a difficult situation that I had to overcome. Like I said in the previous article, I had no other option than just adapt to it. People in your life come and go. Some  stay there for a very long time, and some disappear after few days, weeks or months. All these people you meet in your life are there to teach you something. Some lesson that is important for you at that very moment. A lot of little stardusts don’t understand it quite well and thus don’t consider it as an important step in their lives. Some simply don’t even know about it. But by understanding this “principle of learning”, life would be so much more enjoyable.

Just keep that in your mind stardusts. ❤

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