How to be Strong

2016 was the most life-changing year for me since I was born. I went through a lot of shit and mud and dark times, but I also can’t forget the great times which made me a lil’ happy girl. Just hold onto your seat and enjoy the ride.

Something very unexpected happened in the end of January 2016. My beautiful dog lady passed away. She haven’t stayed in this world for a long time, which is the reason why no one would think it is going to happen. It was such an unexpected situation, that I couldn’t comprehend it for quite a long time. There was a lot of days filled just with crying, hopelessness and sleepless nights.

Major shifts in your life are most of the time caused by very unexpected and heart-breaking situations, such as loosing someone you love. In this case, I lost my beloved dog. There was no turning back. You can’t simply change these kind of events, it is gone forever. She was gone forever. And there were only 2 options I could choose from.

Either get crazy or get over it and accept the situation as it is.

People have the strength to overcome very difficult situations. They have it deep inside themselves and it is up to them if they are going (and willing) to open that little door which hides something extremely powerful. The realization process of this strength is different for everyone, though. Some people don’t have to realise it ever. They simply “go with the flow” and it just works for them. But that is not the case for everyone. There are people who have to hit the rock bottom to realise this. And I know I am one of those people.

So what the strength actually is? Would you be surprised if I say, that is not the guy with the most shaped muscles?

Because no, it isn’t.

It is the one who can adapt to changes. As weird as it sounds, that is what I consider being a strong person. A person who can adapt to a lot of un/predictable changes. Just imagine that. Why do you get sad? Why do you suffer? Most often it happens, because you simply can’t cope with the situation. You can’t adapt to it. Something has maybe changed. You’re desperate and get sad. When you realize, that there is no other choice than just accepting the situation, that’s when the liberation comes. You are no longer a victim of the situation and you become free which allows you to move on with your life.

Let me know what strength means for you. See you soon my fellow stardust. ❤

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